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Who We Are


Our Mission

The mission of the New York Peace Film Festival (NYPFF) is to present films from around the world that advance global peace.  We define ‘global peace’ very broadly.  We emphasize the advantages of peaceful solutions to international conflicts, and show the horrors and costs of war.  But we also screen films that deal constructively and hopefully with the root causes of war: the better management of the resources of the earth and the sharing of those natural resources, the peaceful resolution of local and regional conflicts, and the humility and understanding needed when interacting with a different cultural tradition.  Also of deep interest is the proliferation and consequences of nuclear arms and energy.

Because the quest for peace is a year-round effort, the NYPFF also produces events throughout the year.  In the past we have sponsored a photo exhibit, produced readings of plays, and poetry readings.  We continually look for opportunities to promote peace.


Yumi Tanaka (Co-Founder/Executive Producer) was born and raised in Japan. Upon arrival in NYC, she started involving herself in theater, TV, film and stand-up comedy. After 9/11, she started promoting world peace by showing films and producing plays and poetry reading about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In July 2010, she was certified as the first Peace Correspondent for Nagasaki.  Email: Twitter: @YuminTanaka

Jonathan Fluck (Co-Founder/Retired) was Executive Director of Interborough Repertory Theater (IRT) from1986–2004, producing dozens of productions in a variety of venues ranging from touring productions to cabarets to Off-Broadway.   In 2000 he compiled, produced and directed Hibakusha Outcry: Survivors Respond to their Nuclear Baptism, a compilation and staging of poetry written by and about survivors of the Hiroshima bombing.  Jonathan also works as a Green Party and peace activist. 

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