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2018 NYPFF - Program

Sat. March 24, 2018 -    1:30pm ~ 9:00pm

Sat. March 24 @ 1:45pm-3:00pm

ZAN  (2017)

73 min, Documentary Feature, NY Premiere

Directed by Rick Grehan; Q&A with filmmaker

Zan is a documentary about the last of the Okinawan Dugong and the people who strive to protect them, located in the outstandingly beautiful and bio diverse Henoko, Oura bay, the Dugong is facing its last stand, its feeding grounds are threatened by the construction of a US Marine base. 

Sat. March 24 @ 4:30pm-6:30pm

Grand Illusion (1937)

114 min, Classic Film

Directed by Jean Renoir; Starring Jean Gabin


Man-of-the-people Lieutenant Maréchal (Jean Gabin) teams up with Jewish aristocrat Lieutenant Rosenthal (Marcel Dalio) to escape a World War I German POW camp run by Captain von Rauffenstein (Erich von Stroheim).

*Nick Macdonald, author of "In Search of La Grande Illusion" will introduce the film.

Sat. March 24 @ 3:30pm-3:55pm


Are you Volleyball?  (2017)

14 min, Drama Short

Directed by Mohammad Bakhshi

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.

Sat. March 24 @ 3:30pm-3:55pm

From Hasakah with Love (2016)

10 min, Drama Short

Directed by Mohammad Farahani; Q&A via Skype

A girl whose family members have been murdered, is all alone in the city of Hasakah. In order to show her protest to the ongoing massacre, she decided to burn herself in front of a webcam

Sat. March 24 @ 7:00pm-8:10pm


Exposure to Radiation:Post X Years (2016)

65 min, Documentary Feature, NY Premiere

Directed by Hideaki Ito; Q&A with filmmaker

A sequel to the documentary film, "X Years Later (2012)" that gathered topics by covering the influence of the nuclear tests conducted by the US in the Pacific. New facts are emerging one after another, in front of director Hidetori Ito who had been interviewing in Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture. The survivor of the fishing boat who saw the previous work started up, and hearing survey started by searching for the survivors.  

Sun. March 25, 2018 - 12:30pm ~ 5:00pm

Sun. March 25 @ 12:30pm-2:00pm

Resistant at Tule Lake (2017)

78 min, Documentary Feature

Directed by Konrad Aderer; Q&A with filmmaker

Resistance at Tule Lake tells the long-suppressed story of 12,000 Japanese Americans who dared to resist the U.S. government's program of mass incarceration during World War II. Branded as 'disloyals' and re-imprisoned at Tule Lake Segregation Center, they continued to protest in the face of militarized violence, and thousands renounced their U.S. citizenship. Giving voice to experiences that have been marginalized for over 70 years, this documentary challenges the nationalist, one-sided ideal of wartime 'loyalty.'

Sun. March 25 @ 2:30pm-3:00pm

Maydeleh and the Prisoner (2017)

27 min, Drama Short

Directed by Maya Ben Yair; Q&A with filmmaker via Skype 

After decades of steadfast resilience, a holocaust survivor relapses into childhood trauma when Haruka, a Japanese caretaker moves in with him.

All films are shown with English subtitles.

Details are subject to change without notice.


Sun. March 25 @ 3:30pm-4:40pm



65 min, Documentary Feature

Directed by Unai Aranzadi; Q&A with filmmaker via Skype

Unai Aranzadi, a journalist and documentalist specializing in armed conflicts and human rights, brings us closer to the Colombian reality in collaboration with the Colombian Theater Corporation and the Tramaluna Group.

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