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Calling Films About Peace! 

The ninth annual New York Peace Film Festival seeks submissions for its March 25 – 27, 2016 festival of films. We actively encourage filmmakers from every corner of the globe to participate.


The mission of the festival is to present films from around the world that advance global peace. Films should not only highlight the advantages of peaceful solutions to international conflicts, but also deal constructively and hopefully with the root causes of war; we define peace loosely, in new and creative ways. Personal and biographical films related to peace issues are

eligible. Also of deep interest are films dealing with the proliferation and consequences of nuclear arms and energy.


Films are welcome in the following categories: feature films, documentaries, short films, student films, and animated films. All films must be accessible to an English speaking audience, either as the original language in the film or through the use of sub-titles or dubbing.


All clearances must be arranged by the filmmaker and the work must be original. Parental signatures are required for 17 year olds and under.


There is no submission fee!  However, we do require exclusive screening rights within a 25 mile radius of Manhattan for one month prior and one month following our Festival.


Please note that the person submitting films produced by a major studio, or under contract or option, must be legally empowered to give permission to show the film at no cost to New York Peace Film Festival.


Films submitted must have been completed no earlier than July 1, 2011.


The submission deadline is December 15, 2015. Submissions can initially be web-based or in DVD-R format and mailed to:


New York Peace Film Festival

P.O. Box 3810, Grand Central Post Office,

New York, NY 10163


Filmmakers will be notified if their work is chosen by the end of January.


At that time we require 2 DVDs of the film for the Festival screening. (Films 20 minutes or less are exempt from this requirement because we will download your film and screen it from that.)


Films will not be returned and we are not responsible for lost or stolen materials.

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